SSRS Ltd Company profile

  • S.S.R.S. stands for Shipping Spares, Repairs & Supplies. The company is based in Piraeus, Greece
  • Established in 1976 as an agency company for shipyards, engine spare repairs and equipment manufacturers
  • S.S.R.S. Ltd., has expanded its business into commercial representations and with its growing international connections now undertakes project promotions in both the shipping and manufacturing spheres
  • The company represents a diverse and wide ranging group of shipyards and contractors capable of undertaking all types of ship repairs and conversions worldwide
  • Through its liaison office in China, S.S.R.S. is able to cover all Chinese shipyards
  • S.S.R.S. is the official representative and distributor of original spare parts in Greece for LOIPART and ELECTROLUX MARINE
  • S.S.R.S is the exclusive representative in Greece for Coldharbour Marine, an innovative developer of an in-tank ballast water treatment system ideal for large vessels with long ballast legs


Shipyards Ship Repairers Manufacturers
Drydocks World Dubai (UAE)
The General Shiprepair Corporation (USA) LOIPART-ELECTROLUX MARINE (Sweden)
Grand Bahama Shipyard (Bahamas, Freeport) Inland Marine Services Vitoria (Brazil)


PaxOcean DDW (Singapore-Indonesia-China) Hellenika LTD (Bulgaria, DD 237x40m) ALNMARITEC (U.K.)
A S.M.A.R.(Chile)
Tsakos Shipyards (Uruguay, Montevideo)
ZESCO (SCSC) Eastern Shipyard (China)
SEFINE Yard (Turkey, Tuzla Area)
NAVAL Shipyard (Poland, Gdynia)
Navalrocha SA (Portugal, Lisbon)

HAIZHOU Shipyard (China)