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  • Coldharbour has developed the Coldharbour Marine GLD™ Ballast Water Treatment System which is a unique in-tank system using inert gas from the company’s Sea Guardian Inert Gas Generator (IGG) linked to specially designed gas lift diffusion (GLD™) pipe assemblies inside the ship’s ballast tanks
  • Sea Guardian is the first 3rd generation IGG in the world and is very simple to operate. It generates ultra clean, low oxygen inert gas, it is compact, stable and largely maintenance free
  • The Coldharbour ballast water treatment system works in the ballast tanks during the voyage so the vessels arrives at port or terminal treated and may de-ballast as normal
  • NO possibility of disruption in operations especially for large tankers and vessels requiring quick turnaround
  • NO filters required, no risk of blockage and no moving parts
  • NO regrowth risk as water is treated during the voyage before discharge
  • Reduces corrosion to ballast tanks
  • System works regardless of temperature, salinity or suspended solids
  • Short installation time minimizes off-hire (e.g. 10 days to retrofit a VLCC)
  • Designed and optimized for large tankers, LNP/LPG and large bulker/ore carriers with ballast voyages over 5 day
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