HUAFENG Shipyard ( Zhoushan)

  • SSRS cooperates with Zhoushan Huafeng, a modern shipyard founded in March 2017.
  • Located at Zhoushan city (main island) adjacent to the international ports & harbors of Shanghai (3.5hrs drive), Ningbo (1hr drive) & Zhoushan.
  • Qualified to undertake repair and conversion work for various vessel types up to 300,000 DWT
  • The shipyard has repair facilities and equipment such as hull // M & E workshop, CO2, O2  and LNG Station, Air Compressor, Power Station ( 35 KV & 63000 KVA), oil water disposal station, etc.huafeng1

BULYARD Shipbuilding Industry AD

  • SSRS cooperates with Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry, a modern shipyard founded in 1907
  • It is the largest shipbuilding and ship repair enterprise in Bulgaria.
  • Located at Varna - the largest city on the sea side and main port of Bulgaria, adjacent to Varna-Sofia railway and highway, the city center (5 min drive), Varna airport (10 min drive).
  • Qualified to undertake repair and conversion work for various ships types up to 150,000 DWT (wet berth) and 80,000 DWT in drydock.
  • The shipyard carries out a wide range of repair activities such as all kinds of steel work, major steel repairs and  renewals, hull department – grit blasting up to SA2,5, SW, HPFWJ/300 bar/ cleaning and painting of hull, decks, cargo holds and tanks, cargo gear and safety equipment repairs, testing and certifying etc.bulyard